Our partners

Here you can find out everything about our highly qualified production partners, with whom we are in close daily contact to implement your individual, customised wishes.

Ava Decor

Ava Decor – Colour your Life

The team at Ava Decor, our supplier based near Cordoba in Spain, has been producing shaped sugar sprinkles for the last 25 years. As a result of this specialisation, Ava Décor has become one of the leading producers in the market. Despite this prominent position, they can still be relied upon to demonstrate great flexibility and custom-made product development.

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Capfruit, based in the french commune Anneyron, produces high quality frozen and pasturised fruit purees. What makes them unique is that the fruit purees offer a fresh natural taste experience without the need for additives.

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Chocolate King – The perfect refining of your creations

The team at our supplier Chocolate King in northern Holland are enthusiastic chocolatiers and tech-freaks, who’s primary goal is to efficiently manufacture what appear to be handmade chocolate decorations on a scale large enough to satisfy bakeries, patisseries and also the confectionary industry generally.

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Delicia – make life delicious

Imagine products which not only look good and taste delicious but which make an everyday moment into something special. A moment you can look forward to. Delicia can make this moment a reality. They produce delicious, satisfying chocolate products for the retail trade and the food industry generally.

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Since 1986, the family business "Montserrat" is specialized in the production of unique chocolates for maximum enjoyment. Very great attention is paid to sustainability of products which are all offered in organic quality. Vegan products also play a major role and help to protect animals and the environment and improve our carbon footprint through climate-friendly food, the basis for this is rice or also oat milk which allow us to produce the type milk and white.

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Kuldkäpp - Partner


Kuldkäpp, which means as much as „golden hand“ and that prove the team of the company Kuldkäpp every day when modeling artful marzipan roses, leaves, Rüblis and figures. Kuldkäpp, based in Türi in Estonia, has been producing marzipan roses and figurines since 2005 and understands and lives their craft. Quality is very important here and the marzipan used is still produced in warm processes according to the Lübeck method, you can taste it and complies with the German guidelines for oilseeds.

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Saverde – Fine Chocolate Art

Our supplier Saverde specialises in making their products unique. The latter are produced at a 8000 sq.meter site in Flanders, Belgium, which was renovated and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery in April 2020. You can benefit from Saverde’s know-how and technology and put your own individual stamp on ready-to-use chocolate decorations, thermoformed blisters and transfer sheets for every occasion and season.

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Smet – Exceeding chocolate

At Smet, half a century’s know-how and top technology are combined to create decorations for craftsmen and tailor-made toppings and other chocolate decorations for further industrial processing. They have acquired a reputation within the industry as experts in shaping and problem solving. Depending on the batch size, we can also cater to the chocolate dimensions required.

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