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Ethics and sustainablity

We respect human rights and employment law and our business practices are based on integrity, honesty and fair play. It goes without saying, that we rigorously adhere to all statutory rules and regulations. In our company, the principle of fair and equal treatment of individuals applies with zero tolerance for any form of discrimination. In addition, we are also strongly opposed to any form of corruption. Our mission statement is sustainabilty and our business and economic practices are based on the three pillars on which it is composed: economic, social and environmental, with each area receiving equal attention. Economic success, forward-looking environmental protection and a commitment to social issues are the key factors for responsible economic activities. For us it is essential that the production of goods or raw materials takes into account recognised social and environmental standards. We and our suppliers/producers adhere to the code of conduct laid down by the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and/or any other similar behavioural codes of conduct.

Ein Lächeln für Ghana

A Smile for Ghana e.V.

Ethics and social responsibility are matters which are close to our hearts and are priorities which are well-established in our organisation’s culture. Consequently, we wanted to further commit ourselves and have therefore become sponsors and member of the association „a smile for Ghana“. Ghana is one of the main producers of cocoa and our sponsorship allows 10 children to attend the „Peace and Love International school“ in Kumasi, Ghana.

Ein Lächeln für Ghana
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