Chocolate sprinkle decorations

Delicia – Make Life Delicious

Delicia - Maßgeschneiderte Produkte

Imagine products which not only look good and taste delicious but which make an everyday moment into something special. A moment you can look forward to.

Delicia can make this moment a reality. They produce delicious, satisfying chocolate products for the retail trade and the food industry generally.

Product range

Vermicelli: The right vermicelli can make everything better. Indulge your eyes and taste buds with an extra chocolate decoration. Just a little extra something with a great end result.

Possible diameter:
1,3 mm – 1,6 mm – 1,8 mm – 3,2 mm


Possible customisation: Thickness, with or without gloss, different colour options.

Flakes & Pajets: To elegantly decorate baked goods or desserts. Made from the best Belgian chocolate with a surprisingly good texture.

Possible sizes:
1,8 mm – 3 mm – 7 mm


Crispies: Complete your ice cream and dairy products with a delicious topping made of colourful crispies. Tender and crispy - a real pleasure.

Possible diameter:
2 mm – 4 mm

Crispies bunt
Crispies Schwarz-Weiss

Coated: Our range with chocolate coating makes every product a real treat.

Possible Centre:
Cereal extrudates,
biscuits and much more

Available with flavour:
e.g. caramel and mango