Chocolate King

The perfect refining of your creations

Chocolate King Logo - ChocConcept

The team at our supplier Chocolate King in northern Holland are enthusiastic chocolatiers and tech-freaks, who’s primary goal is to efficiently manufacture what appear to be handmade chocolate decorations on a scale large enough to satisfy bakeries, patisseries and also the confectionary industry generally.

Sticks - Gourmetdekore
Borken - Gourmetdekore:
Chobly - Gourmetdekore
Flik - Gourmetdekore
FORÉT - Gourmetdekore
Swirls - Gourmetdekore
Brush-Stroke - Gourmetdekore
Raster - Gourmetdekore
Taler - Gourmetdekore

Also available coloured!